Mindlib is an umbrella company grouping several different but related enterprises.

Mindlib Divisions

Mindlib Proofreading

A proofreading service, charging a penny a word for spelling, grammar and sense. Endorsements available. Email 'proofreading' at this domain.

Mindlib Roleplaying

This covers the Alkaid gameworld and Honour and the Blade game system, which is being developed to integrate various media within one game. The online game is hosted on a sister site, mindlib.org.uk while the game administration and commercial organisation will be hosted here.

In addition the Fasebook Fantasy roleplaying game application is under development

Website Hosting

To permit small groups and individuals to have their own website without the expense of buying a domain, this division will provide hosting space (prices starting from £6pa) under the mindlib.co.uk domain

In addition, those with their own domain names can purchase hosting (starting from £10pa for charitable or voluntary groups, and £50pa for commercial enterprises).